About Us

Andy Broadaway

Co-Founder / Strategist Author & Speaker

Author, publisher, sought-after speaker, and business strategist, Andy Broadaway has spent 18 years working alongside world-class speakers, business leaders, athletes, A-list Celebrities, and musicians. He is known for looking at problems with an inquisitive eye and tackling them from unique angles to create new opportunities information product development. He has over 35 years of background in the computer/IT space.

Andy has had a lifelong passion for learning and mastering new skills, both to use in his own work and to share insights with other eager learners and clients. He has written nine best-selling books on a broad range of topics, from computer repair and marketing to reputation management and personal development. His wide-ranging knowledge and experience have led to features on NBC, CBS, and CNN and helped him earn nearly 15 million views across his personal YouTube channels.

He is an expert at creating and marketing great content for digital and traditional mediums and has devised strategies for many of the biggest names in business and entertainment to make content that has generated over 5.9 million dollars. His newest book is titled “NFT Secrets Revealed” is a regular speaker and NFT Business Advisor on several NFT projects.


Michaiah Broadaway

Co-Founder Cannabis Expert Dop | Production

Producer and Video editor of several music videos. Michaiah has a special eye for the flow of video production.

He has worked with Grammy award-winning artist, rappers, celebrities over the past 9 years.

Michaiah has a vast knowledge of the cannabis industry and what’s going on in the open cannabis marketplace. From Terpenes to THC & CBD Percentages and Entourage Effects, He knows it all!

He’s produced live events for over 100 live events, with more than 2k in attendance. Director of Photography for Digital Online Course Productions.

Our Designer is a worldwide animation and game developer& Animator. He has worked on projects/companies Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Orlando Resort, Renaissance Entertainment Barnstorm Visual Effects, DECA Creative, BLP Vfx, Adobe, RSA, Sesame Workshop Korn, Award Winning Animation, Augmented Reality, etc