The World First
Cannabis NFT

A Unique Collection of NFT's Cartoonized Buds. Heady,
Dank & Collectable NFTs by Professor Reefer




It is virtually impossible for the public to be actively involved in the quickly developing cannabis industry.

Crypto Reefer NFT was established to create superior-quality strain-based cannabis NFT accessible to everybody.

These limited-edition collections will be available on our platform—the first-ever of this kind in the cannabis NFT marketplace.

Crypto Reefer NFT is the vehicle to the crypto world. We are on the mission to disrupt the cannabis industry. ARE YOU IN?


World's first monthly strain-based cannabis NFT


Unique Collection of NFT's Cartoonized Buds. Heady, Dank & Collectable


A portion of all proceeds will go to support two charities (non-violent crimes defense fund & Feeding America)


Digital artist formerly from Disney & Amazon studios. The highly customized assets are sure to prove highly collectible and valuable.

Live Events

Access to 2 LIVE exclusive parties for 1 yr (Live bands, hotel buyout, cool locations)

Collabs & Education

Special discounts & promotions with select dispensaries & education platform

Professor Reefer

Meet the Mastermind Behind Crypto Reefer NFT

Professor Reefer

Professor Reefer is a scientific artist and a pheno hunter. Amid the chaotic disaster of the pandemic in March 2020, our quirky scientist artist has been confined to an undisclosed and highly guarded lab where he has been secretly designing, experimenting, and crafting art about some of the most highly-sought cannabis strains in the market.

His amazing obsessions with cannabis, the human mind, and the quirky methods have earned him the title, Mad Professor Reefer. And for the past twenty months, he has been meditating inside his lab (aka vaping), testing, tinkering, designing, formulating, and fixated with developing art for the cannabis NFT world.

Get a piece of Professor Reefers’ legacy! This is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind NFT. Dr. Reefers’ art is too good to die. But in the digital NFTs, the legacy will always live on.

For crypto collectors and cannabis connoisseurs out there, this is your chance to own a piece of Dr. Reefers’ iconic underground history!

Want to know a top-secret?

Expect the unexpected! There may even be a secret release of Professor Reefer himself in the future and will exclusively be available to exist CryptoReeferNFT holders.

So, when?

Drop dates for this release will be the 4th (sativa) and 20th (indica) of every month (green list). But wait, there’s more. If there are any available, they will be available to the public on the 5th and 21st. Mark your calendar because the first drop will be in the 3nd Quarter of 2022!


Mr & Mrs Bud


New Strains a Month




Live Events/Parties

Cannabis Strains Unleashed

What Is This Project About?

Hey, just a reminder, “Professor Reefer” is not a consumer nor a user of cannabis. Instead, he documents every strain for scientific purposes.

He has drawn and made special “Bud” characters in his lab that signify some of the most popular and renowned cannabis strains.

Working, eating all day, and sleeping only a few hours a day, you will often find Professor Reefer wrapped in his messy white lab coat on his cluttered desk with a drawing pen in one hand and a CBD doobie in the other.

After thousands of hours of sleepless nights and several months of painstaking drawing, sketching, and retouching, he finally made something one-of-a-kind.

The catch? It’s never been viewable by anyone else besides himself until now. But here’s the interesting thing. Professor Reefer is now ready to release them to the public so everyone can enjoy his atworks, too!

So, here’s the master plan. Twice a month, he will release two character-based “Buds” based on popular indica and sativa cannabis strains. But be warned, though. There will only be 420 OF EACH STRAIN available in male and female versions, totaling 840.

If you don’t want to be left out, get your hands off this cannabis NFT.

The CryptoReeferNFT is the hub for crypto enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs on the blockchain.

The CryptoReeferNFT is a series of NFT avatars (male & female) who have been designed by Professor Reefer himself and harvested for a season chilling on the blockchain.

Come get baked with stoners just like you in the dopiest smoke spot in the metaverse.



Channel: @CryptoReeferNFT


Twitter @CryptoReeferNFT



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